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Rain Bird

Rain Bird Corporation, a privately held company, was founded in 1933 during the agricultural boom in California. We are the leading global manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services. Since the beginning, Rain Bird has produced and offered the industry’s broadest range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes in more than 130 countries around the world.

Over the past eight decades, Rain Bird has been awarded more than 450 patents worldwide, including the first in 1935 for the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler (U.S. Patent #1,997,901), which revolutionized the food production industry and ushered in a new era in irrigation, worldwide.

The original impact sprinkler was designated a historic landmark in 1990 by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

Over the last 8 decades our engineering, marketing, manufacturing and sales teams have developed innovative water-conserving products that include irrigation sprinklers, dripline, pumps, and timers/controllers. Today, Rain Bird offers over 4,000 water-saving irrigation products and services and has offices around the world.

Our commitment to The Intelligent Use of Water™ shows not only in our high-quality products but also through our expert water management professionals who share their passion for water conservation by providing education, training, and services for the industry and the communities around us. These efforts create long-term, responsible partnerships with our customers, vendors, and the cities in which we live.  These efforts along with our high-quality products have been recognized and we are appreciative to have received numerous awards throughout the years.

We are proud to work at Rain Bird and believe in the honest and ethical treatment of everyone in our diverse communities.


  • Our mission at Rain Bird is to be the global irrigation industry leader by:

  • Profitably providing defect-free, high-value products and services that promote the intelligent use of water for worldwide irrigation applications.

  • Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

  • Being a responsible employer respected by employees and the community.

  • Enabling employees to be the best they can be.

Rain Bird

Rain Bird

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